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Welcome to SC Gaming Tours

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Welcome to all our fellow casino junkies to the Southern California Gaming Tours Blog. Here we (The little lady and I) will be reviewing Casino, Resorts and Hotels throughout SoCal and neighboring states. We will have reviews on their lodging, gaming and customer service. Since we travel to these casinos often, we decided in provide a small review just so our fellow gamblers get a truthful and a point of view by the average couple. We are not professional critics nor bloggers. We don't have an agenda and will be providing simple reviews and accounts of our experience.

We still encourage people to live life and visit these Casinos. We feel that Casinos have shown they maintain a great level of cleanliness. They are vigilant and remind guests that are not wearing masks or not social distancing. That and most guest that do visit don't seem to mind taking covid precautions seriously. There have no been any casinos not taking temperatures and doing the covid questionnaires.

We hope you book a seat with us and enjoy a 1-day getaway on our All Inclusive tours. We provide Food, drinks (Alcohol included), snacks, games and giveaways on all our tours, along with music and movies. We take all Covid Guidelines seriously and expect all our guest to be safe and consider other while on board our charter buses. Remember to like any blog post and share us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy Gaaming!

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